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8 Peaslee Crossing, Newton NH 03858   603-382-0988

Bathing "Bubbas"

All Natural Products used. State of the Art  equipment geared for the comfort and safety of your pet.

Pampering Poodles

The Salon is Open for Pampering

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

At 9AM 

*8am appointments also available

Call 603-382-0988 For Appointment 

Trimming Terriers

A quiet, relaxed atmosphere your pet will love.

​We treat every pet with love and kindness.

 I've been grooming and pampering pets  for over 30 years.

 Our services include styling your pet in the type of haircut you would like, bathing in a

variety of shampoos  that are best suited to your pet's particular skin/ coat needs, deshedding service

that will rid your 4 legged friend of all that extra hair and baths for short hair dogs.

Ear cleaning and nail trimming are always included our grooming service. 

We also offer flea baths, deskunking, soothing oatmeal baths and teeth cleaning. 

For more information , call Diane at 603-382-0988

Tired of vacuuming your your pet's extra hair from your couch and floors?

Ask us about our Shed Less Program!


A Salon For Dogs